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An Interview With CEO Dilip Vellodi Sutherland Global Services was involved in business process outsourcing long before the term became widely known. Vellodi, CEO of Sutherland Global Services, about the company business model and its future. The following is an edited transcript: Ravi Aron: One of the interesting things we noticed about Sutherland is your expansion path, which ties into your history. Unlike companies that traditionally take the IPO route, raising a combination of debt and equity, you organically grew for a long while, and then Oak Partners and Standard Chartered took a venture capital position in your firm, or a private equity position. Tell us about that decision and how it ties into Sutherland history. Dilip
Cheap jerseys Vellodi: We had been in business for 17 to 18 years before Oak came on board. We came into being in 1986, when the term process outsourcing was not on the horizon. In fact, we called ourselves a management company. The seeds for this were sown during my days at Xerox

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