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This Day in Black Sports History When Western Conference head coach Gregg Popovich called his number in the first quarter of the 60th NBA All Star Game, Blake Austin Griffin became a part of black sports history at the tender age of
Wholesale jerseys 21. After his participation in the T Mobile Rookie Challenge, in which he scored 14 points, and his rousing victory in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, Griffin’s entry into the annual showcase marked the first time in league history
Wholesale NBA jerseys a player has taken part in all three events during All Star Weekend. The historic achievement was merely another highlight reel in what has been a memorable rookie season for the Los Angeles Clippers superstar power forward, who’s averaging 22.8 points and 12.6 rebounds in the first 56 games of his blossoming career. But even in high school, where he was integral in Oklahoma Christian School winning four consecutive state championships, Griffin appeared to be destined for greatness. During his junior season, Griffin averaged 21.7 points, 12.5 rebounds and

. She offers concrete ideas to make your meetings more effective. Idea 1: Not every meeting should take place. The right times to schedule a meeting are when conflicts need to be resolved, groups of people need to start working together or information needs to be shared at the same time. Meetings are a group activity so they can be effective when a group needs to reach consensus or rally around an idea or plan. Idea2: The person who calls the meeting has more to do than reserve the room. They need to also consider other logistical issues, including; time, equipment needed, and food/beverage. They need to take ownership of the content including preparation of an agenda and distribution of review materials. It is important to have a system to follow up on assignments and monitor the results of the meeting. Idea 3: Meetings are no better than the people attending them. According to the Warton Center for Applied Research, the primary cause of unproductive meetings is not having the right people in attendance. The most

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